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Lavender Dilly Dilly Handcrafted Soap

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Lavender Dilly Dilly Handcrafted Soap: While working as an Esthetician, Aromatherapist & Massage Therapist I always found my favorite to go to essential oil I used in my face & body treatments was lavender because of the calming effect it has on the skin, body & mind! 100% natural & topped with a touch of lavender buds, it smells like walking through the lavender fields of Provence, soothing & so intoxicating to the scences.

 Ingredients: Purified Water, Saponified Oils of of Olive, Coconut, Sweet Almond & Castor. Lavender Essential Oil infused with Lavender Buds & Purple Clay. Sodium Hydroxide. Sodium Lactate.

Approximate Weight: 4.8 oz