Keys to Healthy Skin-The Importance of a Weekly at home facial-Cleansing & Toning

 It is so important that we cleanse our face and neck morning & evening every single day. The neck is an extension of your face so make sure to include your neck in your daily cleansing! It is also important that we consider the ingredients in that cleanser! Somehow many people think the title facial cleanser means it should feel dry when they are done cleansing. But your skin should feel soft & supple. We should all become expert at reading the labels & having at the least a basic knowledge of harmful skincare ingredients so we can stay away from them. Last but not least, it is essential to realize the importance of drinking enough water to hydrate the body & the skin from the inside out! Stay tuned for my next blog post about WHY it is really important to use a facial toner after you cleanse! 

Did you know that using a natural facial toner is considered an important step right after the facial cleanser? During a facial I always applied a toner on the face & neck after the cleaner as an extension of cleansing the face. Most people think using a toner is just a useless extra step in a skin care regimen.But in fact using a toner has many purposes such as; 

*Right after cleansing; Toner should be applied to a cotton ball or pad & swiped gently in an upward motion to the face starting at the neck & stopping at the hairline. Avoid the eye area. 

*Or, spray the face with the toner; When you apply the toner this way, hold the toner & spray 1/2 an arms length distance away from the face, avoiding the eye area, then swipe the face with the cotton ball or pad.

Typically you will see dirt and debris on the cotton pad after using the toner, that is why it is an extension of cleansing the face!

*Another purpose of a toner is it helps to tone the skin as in closing the pores by tightening them and helping to block out impurities. 

*Depending on the toner and its ingredients, some have a hydrating benefit. The facial toners I have created have some key moisturizing benefits here they are;

1. Aloe Vera 

2. Essential Oils; The ones I use are in a carrier base of almond oil. Almond Oil contains fatty acids which acts as a barrier and to bring moisture and healIng to your skin. Almond Oil also contains Vitamin A, which has long been know to help prevent acne.  

Also the essential oils I use have amazing benefits on their own!

Rose: Antibacterial properties. My clients love my Grandma Mary's Rose Line because as one client said "It is helping my daughters acne heal, and she has been able to wearing so much foundation to cover up her acne." You can go to my website shop to find all my wonderful Grandma Mary's Rose Products!

Lavender: People have used lavender for many years for its healing properties such as healing cuts and burns.

I keep a toner in my purse when going to the beach or at any time I need some refreshment and hydrating throughout the day. Using a toner is an important part of a daily skincare regime and during a facial. So keep your close because you will need it to keep your skin healthy! Thanks for reading and come back for a continuation of the important steps of a weekly facial!


 Simple Beauty is for Everyone,

                                                  Saroya Ann