What is different about The Saroya Collection? 

Because our products have been designed by an Esthetician who loves working with natural, organic & vegan ingredients every product we carry was carefully researched & designed. All our products are Cruelty Free, Palm Oil Free and Vegan. By using sustainable, pure ingredients we work to create the healthiest products we can. 

Why don't we have skincare lines for each skin type?

After doing facials for over 30 years I decided I wanted to create a skincare line for ALL skin types, that is affordably priced and great for your skin. All Skin Types Skin needs to be nourished and hydrated! 

Why use natural ingredients ingredients?

The skin is the largest living organ of the body, it is essential to use skincare with natural ingredients. That is why I use some of my favorite natural ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Borage Oil, Hyaluronic AcidMeadowfoam Seed Oil. Rosehip Seed Oil,White Willow Bark (Salicylic Acid). Essential Oils


How to create The "Spa" Experience at Home?

After years of providing spa treatments such as facials, massages and body treatments for my clients I feel it is time for me to share some amazing information on how anyone can experience treatments at home for relaxation, I say Ah Spa! Click on our blog, where I will be sharing valuable information on how to experience your own at home experience!

Why Buy Handmade Soap?

Typically, commercial soaps carried at most chain stores, etc. are full of additives that are chemically based, not only can cause allergic reactions and irritations on the skin. Using commercial soaps over time can strip your skin of its own natural oil, leaving it dry and sensitive.