Soaking In~Self Care

 I don't know about you, but I have not always been good at Self Care, I am still learning the importance of doing it.  As a mom, I am good at taking care of my kids, which is part of my job, but I am still learning the importance of taking good care of myself. 

I have been an Esthetician, Massage Therapist, and Aromatherapist for over 30 years, these are some ways I have had the opportunity to teach others how to maintain good Self Care.   


 Facial Treatment Room for Saroya Ann

 1. Through the practice of offering makeup applications, facials, and body treatments, I have had the opportunity to teach them how to maintain good self-care at home. They are learning how to:

  • Maintain healthy skin while using natural skincare and body care products at home.
  • Do a proper At-Home Facial.
  • Apply makeup properly.
  • Use essential oils correctly.
  • Exfoliate their skin correctly by choosing the proper natural ingredients and products so they can maintain healthy skin long term.

 2. As an educator, I taught Estheticians and Massage Therapists how to take care of their clients, to provide excellent self-care, facial, and body treatments.

3. I even had the opportunity of working at a health food store years ago to teach customers how to maintain good health through natural ingredients, herbs, supplements, and food. 

What is Self Care to you? I have found that over the years, I've heard so many clients say to me they don't take good care of themselves because they are always taking care of others. They also say they don't have enough time to pamper themselves. I find that ironic, considering that they were coming to me for treatment.


Family Time

I loved this picture of my sister and me when we were little girls. I have always felt spending quality time with my family is an essential part of self-care.  

Self Care

A few years ago, I went to the doctor because I was having problems with my neck due to an injury I had sustained in high school. My medical doctor sent me to an acupuncturist. His treatments were beneficial, but it was his advice that has had more of a lasting impact. 

Here are the important things he told me to do to relax my muscles because of a neck injury: take a comfortable yet hot bath, apply a balm and soak for a while in the tub, wear a scarf around my neck to keep it warm, especially if I go outside during cold months.  

I liked the thought of taking hot baths regularly. As a skincare designer, I create and sell bath bombs, but I had never used one at this point.


All I know is I needed someone to permit me to take time out for myself. Soaking in a hot bath using a natural bubble bath, bath bombs, essential oils, and handcrafted soaps are such a relaxing experience for me. When I add Essential Oils, I do so because Aromatherapy is the therapy of scent, and I choose essential oils for their therapeutic effects on the mind and the body. I also put on some sweet spa music, light a candle, and take my time. If I feel a cold or flu coming on, I rub a little eucalyptus essential oil all around my neck, chest, and take a hot bath. Then I get out, dry off and apply some more eucalyptus or Vicks on my neck, put on warm jammies, wrap a cotton scarf on my neck, and go to sleep. Typically when I wake up, I feel better. 

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How are you taking time for Self Care

 Simple Beauty is for Everyone,

                                                  Saroya Ann