Keys to healthy Skin The Importance of a Weekly at home facial

Since ancient times people have sought out ways to have healthy skin. Queen Cleopatra was one such woman who followed a regular beauty regime. She experimented with natural elements to keep her skin young & healthy, the most famous was her milk baths!  Milk contains lactic acid which is a mild exfoliant. 

As a licensed Esthetician who has done thousands of facials I realize that so many people do not take proper care of their skin.  I always suggested that my clients do at home maintenance by using natural skin care products without harsh chemicals &  give themselves a weekly at home facial. I educated them about the proper steps.  I want to explain the importance of a weekly at home facial, how simple & easy it can be.  

Here are the steps;


2. Toning/Toner: Add toner to a cotton ball & swipe over the face & neck to complete the cleansing process, avoiding the eye area.

3. Exfoliation

4. Extractions

5. Mask/Masque

6. Toning/Toner: Helps to close pores & prepare the skin for moisturizing 

7. Serums & Eye Cream

8. Hydrate; It is essential that we use a moisturizer to protect & hydrate the skin.

9. Lip Balm; Don't forget to keep your lips hydrated!

Years ago I worked at the skincare counter of a very well known department store. This department store sold a very popular skincare line. The packaging was beautiful & the constant flow of customers purchasing it gave me the impression it must be good. I was a new Esthetician & had done very few facials. After I left the department store and began my career as an Esthetician. I noticed something very prominent about the skin of a certain type of client I would perform facials on. Their skin would display both very oily & dry skin at the same time. This situation was perplexing to me for a while. Then I put the common denominators together for all of these clients. They all used the same skincare line. It happened to be that popular line I had seen years before. As I researched the ingredients I realized it was chemical ridden & contained ingredients that were designed to dry out oily skin. I was so excited to see that same skin (situation) change on my clients as I began to get them onto a healthy, natural skincare regime that were designed to nurture their skin. I noticed one specific thing; the oily skin calmed down as they hydrated their skin & the oil production become normalized. The most amazing part was I realized they did not have oily or dry skin at all, but using products with such harsh ingredients that caused it to happen. Somehow many people with oily or acne skin think their skin should feel dry when they are done cleansing or applying other skincare products. But that couldn't be further from the truth, it should feel soft & supple. We should all become expert at reading the labels & having at the least a basic knowledge of harmful skincare ingredients so we can stay away from them. Last but not least, it is essential to realize the importance of drinking enough water to hydrate the body & the skin from the inside out! Stay tuned for my next blog post, I will break down each step & its importance for you!


Simple Beauty is for Everyone,

                                                  Saroya Ann